Pre-install European box-type transformer substation
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Pre-install European box-type transformer substation
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YB20 Pre-install European box-typetransformer substation ,which includes high-Voltage Switchgear , transformerand low-Voltage Switchgear,which features are beautiful appearance, flexibleconfiguration, compact structure,can be mached with the high voltage loadswitch ,also can match with the Intelligent interface , that achieves  four remote control system,that is the bestchoice  for the the city power grid,landscape area, square, Garden and residential area.



-Including independent high voltage room, transformer room and the low pressure room;

High voltage wiring can be used for ring network, terminal and dual power supply, flexible power supply, high reliability;

-Transformer can be used dry type or oil immersed type transformer, transformer performance is excellent: low consumption loss, low noise, low temperature rising, high overload capacity, anti-short circuit ability, strong impact resistance;

-The low pressure room has the overall function of the complete set of low voltage equipments.

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