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Warmly congratulate the company for the first time to organize the Middle East leadership, Thailand 6 day tour activities successfully concluded


In January 14, 2016, Hao Ruitong Ltd. banner in the foreign country Thailand stretch up, at the end of 2015 the busy work, the company in January 14, 2016 19 - 6 days to organize leaders of Thailand Buddhist holy land tourism, spent a good 6 days.

Within 6 days of a guided tour, has visited the The Grand Palace; watched the show features of Thailand Simon, visit the The Grand Palace, tour the Chao Phraya River; Annan, Wat Haw Pha Kaew and other scenic spots in the halls of Congress; more fortunate and the elephant close contact; watch energy-saving performance, enjoy the fruit meal, Thai massage etc.. To enjoy the "Oriental Hawaii" known as Pattaya, an exquisite scenery here, a pleasant climate. When night fell, lights, pedestrians followed, here is typical of the peacefulness of the world, is a man's paradise. The most famous here is the "Simon", watching the new Italian style "Rome golden palace", "Simon show", and experience the unique culture of Thailand.

The trip to Thailand, not only to enjoy the tropical scenery of Thailand, enjoy the joy and relaxation of travel, but also deeply felt the company's warmth and care for the middle leadership. Through this event, inspired the leadership of the middle-level leadership, and enhance the feelings between colleagues, but also more firmly the broad masses of staff work hard confidence and determination. We have said the trip, continue in the next work, live up to the expectations of the company, together with the company to new heights, to achieve company goal in 2016.