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Company full participation in Leting seaside 2 day tour activities successfully concluded


In order to strengthen the staff team consciousness, humanistic management, employee care implement, let employees ended the first half of the busy work, relax and enjoy the nature pleasant scenery. The company in July 27, 2014, 28, to organize the full free beach in Leting for two days, the seaside tourism activities not only reflect the company's concern for employees, the team spirit into activities, more important is to build all the staff unite, active and progressive atmosphere.

In the morning of 28, all the members arrived in Bodhi island by boat. The staff on the island were free to move and stretch their bodies and minds. Afternoon ride back to Beijing, the event not only to ensure the safety of each employee, while pleasing to the body and mind, but also to promote the harmony between colleagues, solidarity and cooperation. Tourism, in a short distance away from the city, work, so that people's minds in nature to relax; tourism, so that more open-minded thinking.